Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Remi update and holidays

I am back from ten days in sunny Barbados with B, having missed lots of rain here. The fields now have mud, and the nights are drawing in :-((

Remi not been right a while now. Mostly slightly unlevel in front but problem seems to be behind in quarters.

Feet and frogs look most robust and self-sufficient yet. Not footy. So don't think is foot / diet related. His feet doing good job self-trimming.

Whilst I was away, he has been light hacking and had body work. Muscle and weight dropped off, due I think to miserable weather, not being quite right and grass losing nutritional value. He and Mac are now having adlib haylage in field.

Remi had bodywork last Thursday. Think muscular injury. Very quarters out behind him and left shoulder and neck locked. Not right and reluctant on lunge before treatment and quite sore to treat and tucked up. Improved post treatment and movement nearly normal.

Saturday I lunged him and he started terrible and gradually improved to not too bad. So hacked (mainly for feet benefits) and whilst not entirely level and weighting shoulders differently he was happy and most confident over stones has been in months.

I had a lesson on Sunday to see if could gently work him through it. Came out dropped back, braced neck and unlevel in walk in front. Careful tactful lateral work in walk put him back together - back up, neck soft and was sound when trotted and cantered.

Keeping fingers crossed. He has more bodywork sat.

Am hoping is a fall and wrench in field and will sort itself out. Rest seems to make him tighter and stiffer so plan is gentle structured work and lots of Equissage and see.

Best case is muscular and fixable. Worst case it is return of soft tissue damage and suspensory damage in all four legs and a poor prognosis. Vet visit looming, but doubt there are any simple answers to find.

Last year Remi lived out without hay and looked great til Dec (then dropped right off the week froze before going to Rockley). This year he is on 24-7 haylage wheel barrowed out to far field in late September. Going to be a v long winter.   :-( 


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