Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Remi 9th bodywork session post Rockley

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Remi notes 19th September ‘13

Lunge session:

Remi was reluctant to step out and preferred trotting to walking – when asked to walk he would stop completely. Not keen to use his hindquarters – generally shuffling along. Kim reported he had been footsore and unlevel in front and he did look short left fore.

Appeared to have dropped muscle, especially topline.

Remi has dropped a lot of weight quickly – Pip reported he does tend to drop off quickly when sore.

Palpation and massage: (see diagram)

Remi was very sore and tight both side of hindquarters. Dipped away from my hands on light palpation. Especially sore right hind quarters but both were in spasm over glutes, biceps femoris and quads. Possibly slipped when playing in the field? Felt like a strain injury.

Stuck base of neck left side.  Sensitive rectus abdominus (caudal) and pecs.

He responded well to massage and looked more comfortable and softer at the end of it. His topline re-inflated well.

2nd lunge session post massage

Much freer movement overall and more balanced, less inclined to fall to left shoulder. Better stride length.


Massage booked for 28th September.


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