Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New blog

I am changing from having on public rehab blog for Remi, to a joint Remi and Mac blog, that is unlisted. To cover the trials / tribulations / schooling / day to day of both horses.

I am going to have it unlisted to enable me to put more personal details in my blog.

If anyone is interested in continuing to read about Remi- feel free to message me your email address and I will add you as a reader.

philippa [dot] paul {at} google mail (dot) com

Timeline pictures - before and after Rockley

Remi October 2012 (after 4 months turned away)

Remi 18th November 2012 (after 5 months turned away)

Remi goes to Rockley mid December and returns end of March

Remi 2 days after returning from Rockley - 28th March 2013

Remi 2 days after returning from Rockley - 28th March 2013

Remi June 2013

Remi July 2013

 Remi April 2014

Friday, 25 April 2014

Rolling rolling . . .

Boys rolling. Bonus points if you can spot which pictures are Remi and which are Mac?

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Reigate Hill ride :-)

Taking Remi up Reigate Hill was another milestone for me. It is quite a bit fitness and strength challenge. And whilst we had planned to, weather and events meant Remi hadn’t been up Reigate hill since his shoes went back on in October.

He was probably fit enough in December, but then the weather wasn’t right for a steep slope down. And then he lost fitness and strength in January, and we finally organised taking him on the Bank Holiday Monday.

He made it up the hill and down without too much effort. Some work to go before Remi is fit enough to canter round the Downs at the top as well. There is a great, horse friendly pub at the top. But unfortunately we arrived 50 minutes before it opened, so no drinks for us!


I was intending to lead him down the first time, as the rubber Eponas he wears in front have less grip than normal shoes. But decided to push on and ride him down the steep bit and he was fine. I don’t like the steep bit – it is a sideways and downward slope, with lots of loose stones and gravel, and is on a bend. I have nightmares about them falling over. However we made it in one piece.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dressage outing for Remi

I took Mac to Oldencraig on Good Friday. Clever pony won his Elem music class with 67% so that is us qualified for next year's Winter Regionals. Maybe I will remember the leg yield next time :biglaughA:

Saturday was Remi's turn for an outing. Been over 2 years since I last took him to do dressage. K did one outing with him last summer. Went to
Oldencraig to do Elem 43 unaffiliated. He was a star and so happy to be out :wub:

Unfortunately some confusion and running late meant rather too much warm up. Into the outdoor and he was very suspicious of the plant pots. I explained to him that we hadnt waited two years, and come all this way for one test to ruin it spooking at plant pots - and to trust me -and luckily got two circuits of the arena - and he decided to trust me :wub:

I thought it was a fab test - there were things to improve - but he was accurate, listening, focused, and I kept the bend through his ribs, and he didnt lean on me, or try and speed up, and I was really pleased. I also thought it would score well. Scores for class were generally low. Winner was on 62. something, and we had 61.55% - I had thought it was a 65% unaffiliated test. Remi thought he was fabulous which is the main thing. :wub: Was so lovely to be out on him, and him enjoying showing off!

Maddeningly I then lost lorry keys and it took me over an hour to find them at the bottom of my bridle bag.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Good stuff :-)

We have been busy hacking and schooling Remi. And getting some regular lessons in. Remi is getting fitter.

He is enjoying the spring grass coming through, and is looking well rounded and shiny. Both boys are eating less haylage and enjoying dragging it out and not eating it!

His Fairfax girth has finally arrived, so I am looking forwards to seeing what he thinks of that.

I am enjoying being able to hack after work. My matching bay ponies ready to hack :-)

Best of friends (most of the time) :-)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Misty hacking and bravery

On Tuesday, I worked from home. I hacked Remi out in the mist first thing. It was misty at 6.15am, I waited until 7.15am and was still misty, but could see far enough to be safe (IMO).

In mean time sprayed both horses head to toe with Deosect, and sprayed feet with sole cleanse (and clayed Mac's smelly hind frogs).

Remi slightly unconvinced by misty hacking. It was eerily quiet and still. It was v misty through LMEQ estate – rugs looming on the field fences!
Was slightly surreal. Met a noisy hired generator on the road. Remi thought about it, looked at it, and decided he was brave enough to pass it. Bless him.

Was quite a big ask to pass so close, to something white and shiny, with trailing cables, making lots of noise.  Such a change from his old default of spot something, spin and run away, and then tantrum when asked to look at it. Very proud of him. Lovely hack.

At home I sprayed my riding tops, jacket, and 2 pairs of breeches with insecticide to try and limit how much I get bitten. As have 20 midge bites from Sunday night – and I react to them :-((

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