Friday, 8 November 2013

Ponies clipped and shiny

Ponies clipped and shiny

Starting at 6.30am, D clipped them before work. They were both angels to clip. Mac likes being clipped nearly as much as Remi. They were so good – standing peacefully.

Both boys are sporting very smart blanket clips and look gorgeous. Got hot clothed, and look beautiful.

Mac got lunged whilst Remi was being clipped and he was not bothered by his exposed areas (saving his expressiveness for the windy warm up arena tomorrow. Both have gone back out in their Red PE trios with necks,and with 100gm liners underneath.

Strangely they aren't eating as much haylage all of a sudden, had loadsleft this morning, and where half way up hill under tree when I arrived with wheelbarrow of more, and not interested. Odd have been "starving" for haylage since mid September and now aren't as bothered.

Have 16.00pm dressage time tomorrow – hope can find lorry internal and external lights!! Hate driving in dark, my night vision isn't good.

Taken tack home to clean tonight.

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