Monday, 4 November 2013

Maiden lorry trip

Saturday Remi had his first steriod injection to help him build up muscle. Vet said his back and quarter muscles still looking v soft and loose :-)

E and I took ponies to Godstone sand tracks, as first lorry outing in new lorry. It was also Remi’s first lorry outing since end of August. I had a practise drive first in the morning. The gears, clutch and turbo are going to take some getting used to. Reverse is where I normally expect first to be, and there is no lift / press down, just goes straight in!

Both ponies very good. Remi was a bit worried about lorry, but was he polite. We had nice hack doing two laps of the route. Remi felt good, and showed his big trot at time (Mac cantering to keep up). Bit wet and slippy in places. Sadly heavens opened and got very wet on second lap. Was some very quick packing up and reloading!

Both ponies got a bit warm on way back. E kindly put wicking rugs on both, and gave them a towel rub down, whilst I reverse parked lorry etc. It is a fab little lorry to use. V compact, very well designed, lots of space for two horses, and 2.5 tonnes of payload for horses, people and stuff. :-)
Both ponies skipped off in field, and both had a good roll. Only Remi is caught on camera.
There is more grass in the field from the rain and wet weather, but ponies are much more interested in haylage. Here they are hoping for some dinner on Sunday (which was a day off for both, and for me! And E was on feeding duty).
Hoping to carefully up Remi’s work again and build some more supportive muscle over his back and loins and SI area. He seems to be steadily improving and already looks a lot stronger over his back. Fingers crossed.

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