Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Remi video timeline - last 2 years

Remi movement timeline

In full work - does show some compromise

January 2012

Turned away
This is after a few weeks off, when at the beginning of six months field rest, for lameness in all four legs (need side to side nerve blocks to best show) 
June 2012
September 2012 Barefoot and out of work for 3 months
October 2012 Barefoot and out of work for 4 months

Rockley Dec 2012- March 2013
unfortunately Nic missed filming him on lunge when he arrived

10th February 2013

17th February 2013

17th February 2013
24th March 2013 -
24th March 2013

Home from Rockley

Going well

Suspected SI injury 

Shoes back on and rehabbing from SI injury

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