Friday, 27 December 2013

Warm glow

 Took pictures of the boys in the winter sunshine


Hacked Remi in the sunshine. Cant remember when I last solo hacked him. Been hacking with one sharer or other for a while. Despite lots to see and storm after effects he was golden. He was wearing reindeer ears and tinsel. He got much admiration, and 5 people asked to stop and take his picture. He loved it. Lots of lovely comments, and people wishing us Happy Christmas. Everyone was out walking in the Boxing Day sunshine :-)

So pleased with him. He was so lovely to hack, it was a lovely sunny day,. He was my lovely chilled hacking horse. But with some v bouncy canters. Love him. :inlove::wub::wub: 

He is turning into my comfy pair of slippers horse. Not something I would have said about him two years ago. He is good in wind / rain / dark and turning into an all round star!! 

I said to him in May 2012:

"Remi, if you arent going to be a competition dressage pony anymore, and you want a future, you had better get to grips with hacking nicely!!"  

Clearly he was listening. Though it wasn't like we didn't try hard to make him a hacking pony 2009-2012! :biglaughA::biglaughA::biglaughA:


As for Mr. Mackingtosh - he didnt want to be caught - didnt go too far away and was running rings round me - looking v cheeky. Mac's version of tag!! Almost nudging me, then pirouetting away. Laughing at him. Brought him in and he was v wound up. Didnt like the debris, the bits of roof missing, the gap or the changes on the yard, didnt think there should be strange horses in the school. For a brave horse, he was v wound up, liquid poo etc. He grew a hand when I got on and went rigid. Did discover the has a hidden piaffe.  Did calm and settle and snort and was almost lazy. Then woke up to do some pronking in canter. Some better work and a bit more pronking. Some stretching and snorting. I was thinking had worked him through it. And led him down ramp outside school and he was back to eyes on stalks! Hmmm


They are stripping the fallen oak tree in the field. Mac especially. Did read the bark has sap in in that is high sugar. Maybe a link to my hysterical horse!!
Thankful for my sane and cuddly Remi. Though Mac was cuddly too. And Mac rolled and rolled and rolled when back in field. 


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