Sunday, 9 February 2014

Full of the joys . . .

Think the sunshine we had today has gone to Remi's head. He was seen playing, spinning, leaping and cavorting in the field today. All by himself, when there was no wind. Leap, jump, spin etc. etc.

He is full of himself and determined to express his opinions and grow old disgracefully. He is also verging on fat! This has never happened before - fat Remi in February! :hail: Today he tried to drag me into someone else's stable, and he is expressing his views determinedly on whether he wants to be in field or stable. I seem to be creating an opinionated monster!! :wub::wub:

He was cheerful on his hack today. Enjoying the sunshine. Keen to canter, and making his own entertainment by manufacturing spooking.

"Remi - it is a car, we are on a road, you might expect to see a car . . ."

"Remi - those roadworks were there last weekend . . ."

"Remi - that stream is always there . . ."

"Remi - that person with a shovel is harmless . . ."

"Remi - that lady dog walker isnt scary  . . ."

"Remi - that drain cover has been there the last four years . . ."

All done with very mischievous sparkling bright eyes and no malice.

I'd like to say he needs more work, but he has worked 7 of the last 8 days. :biglaughA:

Hmmmm I might need to stop feeding him so much?!? I have been feeding him nearly three time as much feed soaked feed in the last month. I have long worked on a feed Remi what he will eat principle. And he is now eating and demanding more. He looked more working hunter than TB this morning. This is Remi though, he can drop nearly 100kg in a few days, so he may be back to TB looking next week.

He has also been on tumeric, and ground pepper for a fortnight, so maybe that is making a difference? Or maybe he is just so pleased it has stopped raining. :biglaughA:

He wasn't at all pleased to be turned back out again tonight, he has decided he is an indoor horse at the moment. The field is relatively dry, and he has a large feed and adlib haylage in the field. Mac on the other hand still doesn't like his stable, and wants to be an outdoor horse :biglaughA:

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