Monday, 17 February 2014

Pedalling hard to stand still

Pedalling hard to stand still

Remi wasn't right last tuesday for his sharer – offering right canter on both reins. I did think he was underpowered on left rein last week, but he was very chirpy to hack at the weekend.

I had a lesson on Remi on last wednesday morning. He wasn't right. His legs had really filled over night. He seems to have done something to his left shoulder. Think probably a slip in the field. Been reluctant on left rein in school a few days. I was hoping he'd work through it as he was so bright hacking at weekend. However I also struggled to get left canter, and had some wrong strike offs. He did loosen up, but there was a strong difference between his movement on left and right rein. He is good behind though, think hind legs and SI and weight all okay.

Friday  lunchtime - E to do rescue treatment for Remi. In torrential rain! He was very sore over withers and base neck. Think slipped in field (wet, and on a steep hill – and they gallop down it :-(.
Was too wet to assess his movement on lunge before / after as normally do. Responded well to lots of treatment. Remi was hilarious getting really into his treatment.

We looked at saddle and not quite right - think needs more padding in middle. The hair rub on his back suddenly much worse – was growing out, and is now bigger. Mac's saddle is a better fit (same model same width, slightly different balance). So will use that short term. Saddler booked 15th March.

Mac was sore too (right back of saddle), and I had bodywork too and was also sore and tight. So none of us are fairing too well with slogging through the mud and water!

Saturday, 5 of us divided Mac and Remi's field in half with electric fencing and built a corral at bottom. As 4 horses need to move into a drier field. It was sunny for fencing! The sun makes everything feel so much more optomistic. Also I hear about horse's that have had no turnout since Christmas, and realise we are lucky in the grand scheme of things (then there are those whose houses and farms are seriously flooded).

Nice hack with K, late Sunday afternoon. Quick spin in school afterwards, and he felt okay on both reins. And was still light to turn them back out at 6pm!! And dry! :-))

Hope new horses don't charge up and down hill too much when turned out for first time this morning. All horses know field, and each other and used to electric so hopefully not too bad. Fingers crossed as hill is fairly wet.

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