Friday, 4 April 2014

Misty hacking and bravery

On Tuesday, I worked from home. I hacked Remi out in the mist first thing. It was misty at 6.15am, I waited until 7.15am and was still misty, but could see far enough to be safe (IMO).

In mean time sprayed both horses head to toe with Deosect, and sprayed feet with sole cleanse (and clayed Mac's smelly hind frogs).

Remi slightly unconvinced by misty hacking. It was eerily quiet and still. It was v misty through LMEQ estate – rugs looming on the field fences!
Was slightly surreal. Met a noisy hired generator on the road. Remi thought about it, looked at it, and decided he was brave enough to pass it. Bless him.

Was quite a big ask to pass so close, to something white and shiny, with trailing cables, making lots of noise.  Such a change from his old default of spot something, spin and run away, and then tantrum when asked to look at it. Very proud of him. Lovely hack.

At home I sprayed my riding tops, jacket, and 2 pairs of breeches with insecticide to try and limit how much I get bitten. As have 20 midge bites from Sunday night – and I react to them :-((

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