Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dressage outing for Remi

I took Mac to Oldencraig on Good Friday. Clever pony won his Elem music class with 67% so that is us qualified for next year's Winter Regionals. Maybe I will remember the leg yield next time :biglaughA:

Saturday was Remi's turn for an outing. Been over 2 years since I last took him to do dressage. K did one outing with him last summer. Went to
Oldencraig to do Elem 43 unaffiliated. He was a star and so happy to be out :wub:

Unfortunately some confusion and running late meant rather too much warm up. Into the outdoor and he was very suspicious of the plant pots. I explained to him that we hadnt waited two years, and come all this way for one test to ruin it spooking at plant pots - and to trust me -and luckily got two circuits of the arena - and he decided to trust me :wub:

I thought it was a fab test - there were things to improve - but he was accurate, listening, focused, and I kept the bend through his ribs, and he didnt lean on me, or try and speed up, and I was really pleased. I also thought it would score well. Scores for class were generally low. Winner was on 62. something, and we had 61.55% - I had thought it was a 65% unaffiliated test. Remi thought he was fabulous which is the main thing. :wub: Was so lovely to be out on him, and him enjoying showing off!

Maddeningly I then lost lorry keys and it took me over an hour to find them at the bottom of my bridle bag.

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