Thursday, 24 April 2014

Reigate Hill ride :-)

Taking Remi up Reigate Hill was another milestone for me. It is quite a bit fitness and strength challenge. And whilst we had planned to, weather and events meant Remi hadn’t been up Reigate hill since his shoes went back on in October.

He was probably fit enough in December, but then the weather wasn’t right for a steep slope down. And then he lost fitness and strength in January, and we finally organised taking him on the Bank Holiday Monday.

He made it up the hill and down without too much effort. Some work to go before Remi is fit enough to canter round the Downs at the top as well. There is a great, horse friendly pub at the top. But unfortunately we arrived 50 minutes before it opened, so no drinks for us!


I was intending to lead him down the first time, as the rubber Eponas he wears in front have less grip than normal shoes. But decided to push on and ride him down the steep bit and he was fine. I don’t like the steep bit – it is a sideways and downward slope, with lots of loose stones and gravel, and is on a bend. I have nightmares about them falling over. However we made it in one piece.

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