Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Remi 10th bodywork session post Rockley

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Remi notes 28th September ‘13

Lunge session:

Remi was much improved since last appointment but still stepping short left fore and not really stepping through from behind.


Palpation and massage: (see diagram)

Remi was less sore through glutes but still some tightness through lumbar and gluteal region both sides.

Main area of concern was left shoulder/left base of neck – subclavius region and unwilling to stretch left foreleg forward. Improved with massage but still not 100%. Query if left shoulder tightness is related to previous visit’s sore right hindquarters.

Overall responded well to massage but not as much improvement as usual.

2nd lunge session post massage

Freer movement and stepping out better but left fore still drops rather than steps through.


Pip has vet visit booked for Thursday 3rd October.

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