Thursday, 31 October 2013

vet visit update

Remi looked good. Picture the look on my face as he trot and canters round for the vet, looking very pleased with himself, and looking very damned sound, and moving pretty well behind. Vet doesn’t think he has a suspensory / hock / stifle problem, as he looks pretty active behind. He hasn’t looked like this for a good two months.

Could have knocked me down with a feather.

We knew when E and I lunged him wed 23rd he looked good through neck, shoulders and front legs, and underpowered and out behind. On following Tuesday (vet visit) he looked reasonably active behind, and inflated over his loins / SI area / quarters – better than he has looked in months.

My vet (also a physio) pronounced him to have no soreness in his back / SI / loins / quarters. Vet said his muscles over back and quarters were beautifully soft and loose (as good as he has ever seen them). Pelvic tuck good etc. He was v complimentary about Remi's recent bodywork .

Vet said too sound to block. No treatable soreness. No muscle soreness. Said need to build him up, discussed giving him some muscle building steroids. And said can revisit re medicating his SI later if issue comes back.

Hmmm Good I guess. Am still a bit confused.

Shoes to stay on, farrier not to change balance to leave as is. To keep sufficient protein in diet. To return to pessoa work / raised poles / hill work / faster work on gallops etc. taking it slowly, and checking he isnt sore the next 2 days, but building him up.

Vet said could be linked to suddenly having sore feet. Vet physio was day before shoes back on. He has only had one bodywork treatment since shoes back on and that is the one that seems to have held. Vet said had never seen him as soft and loose through his topline and quarters muscle as yesterday.

The mad thing is looking at him tuesday he looked different - really different. His back loins / SI area look to have reinflated. He wasnt hugely stepping under in canter, but he looked so much more connected. He looked different to even a few days ago. Mad!

Vet suggested that he has slowly improved since his body work last Wed. (Which is the date the video I posted was taken).

One suggestion is that he was in pain from sore feet, slipped in field and wrenched SI area, and then everything hurt and he dropped weight and muscle like a stone. Has taken time from his feet not hurting to lose the spasm and soreness in his SI area.

So tentatively positive. But will see. Remi doesn’t like to be predictable!! Hoping this is the start of some improvement. Interestingly, he was calm in stable and yard yesterday. Has lost the agitation that appeared a few months ago – the not standing quietly, not settling in a stable etc.


Looked really good again on lunge and in pessoa last night. And was looking so happy and pleased with himself. And then lay down in stable with Equissage on (first time he has laid down since July – he used to do it all the time – so really interesting he is looking better and is calmer in stable).

Will stop rambling. Keep your fingers crossed for us – that he stays feeling good. Have lots of fun plans – hacking, boxing to hacking, pub rides, beach rides etc. If can keep strong, and muscled and enjoying life.

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