Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wet, wet, wet

3rd January

I am grateful my horse’s field is on a good slope, and is mostly sandy soil that drains fairly well. Whilst there is some mud and poaching in places, it isnt flooded.

However it has been a wet, windy few weeks. And it is starting to feel a bit relentless.

Remi and Mac are coping, but I think we are all getting a bit fed up. Wet schooling, wet hacking, roadwork hacking. Wet horses, wet tack, wet riders. Lack of daylight and dry weather is making all a challenge.

The roof blew off the yard on Christmas eve, exposing three stables to the elements. As a result I have lent Remi and Mac’s stables to two other horses, which limits how much Remi and Mac can come in. The bad weather is now hampering the builders from being able to fix the roof. Hopefully they will be fixed soon, there is a sadness to having stables for bad weather and emergencies, and then having persistent bad weather, and not being able to bring my horses in for a few days rest. Remi has the beginnings of mud fever, so am hoping that stays at bay.

Our New Years long hack was rained off. Ponies are feeling the slippery ground, and are tighter in their hamstrings, and glutes from holding themselves.

On the plus side, rugs are holding up well, and they are staying warm and dry underneath. I got some lovely horsey Christmas presents including new headcollar, new haynets, new matching numnahs.

Some dry weather, and a chance to bring horses in for a few days, and I am sure we will all bounce back.

Here is my favourite summer photograph, rather than a picture of wet, muddy, windswept horses.

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