Monday, 17 March 2014

Good stuff :-)

Remi's sharer schooled Remi on Monday, and had a fab session, sounded like they both really enjoyed themselves. They were doing canter to halt / halt to canter / rein back to canter. And getting easy strike off's on both reins (left canter not an issue). I could see the grins from here :-)

I had a great schooling session with Remi Tuesday night. He was like a giant bouncy ball. Canter / walk / halt / rein back canter. All just there, and easy for him. We ran through Elem 59 for fun, and he loved it. Eyes shining – thinking that doing a proper dressage test was v clever. He is so funny - trying to hard to get it right :-) Going to have to take him to a party soon if he stays feeling this good :-)

He is feeling really good at the moment. He is crooked, but he is rideable, and straightenable, and he is much more forward, and connected and together. And his eyes are sparkling! Some of the canter work was like a giant bouncy ball. He didnt always stay together, but when I asked him to connect and straighten, he was so physically able to do so, it was fantastic.

I did try some not very good canter half pass and some failed attempts at changes (my daft idea)! More work needed! (As we got some accidental ones when flexing left on right rein in last lesson, I thought they'd just happen - instead we stayed very balanced in counter canter!) Giggle. His canter just felt so good. He hasnt felt like this, since i cant remember when, several years ago.

He is beyond superlative to ride when he is on form mentally and physically. He has such a finely tuned go and stop button, and he loves to please. Like a giant bouncy rubber ball.

Thursday - I took as a last minute sunny day off to enjoy horses and sun

Great 6.30am lesson on Remi. Highlights being some really forwards trot / canter trot transitions that were fluid and balanced. He is feeling good, and was v pleased with himself. I am v wonky at the moment, and lots
of work on get sitting over to left, and right side down and back. And makes a big difference.

Then went for a late afternoon hack with Remi. He was v sensible when an escaped dog jumped at us, and was jumping up and down and barking at us, and trying to chase us.  He has turned into such a lovely hack. I then hugely annoyed him by pulling his mane, and trimmed tail and feathers.

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