Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Updates and MOTs


Farrier - pleased with Remi's feet and landings getting straighter - which fits with his shoulders being looser. Remi is still liking his EPONAs.

 (not Remi's foot)


A very busy day!!!

Remi had a good lesson with sharer - and instructor pleased with progress :-)

E treated Remi (report to follow) but much improved, and less tight and less to work on (fits with him feeling so much better). Some soreness at back of saddle area.

Saddler - saddle sitting too high in front. I have moved him to a wider gullet since saddler in October, but needs be wider again. Saddler reduced front shims from 8mm to 4mm. So sitting more level (and will correct the additional pressure was putting on back of saddle). Felt good post correction.

I also tried (and have ordered on trial) a Fairfax girth for Remi :-) :-) A birthday present from my mum :-)

Finally we went for a quiet hack for Mac to practise remembering his manners at cantering behind Remi. Both ponies were golden, Mac denied ever having forgotten his manners (chortle!). 

A good day :-)

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