Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Remi's outing :-)

Remi looking huge - and impatient to follow Alice off the lorry

Took Remi and friend's pony to a third friend's yard to hack on Hankley Common. Glorious day for it. Remi was pleased to be out and about. He was a bit keen to not lose sight on Alice in the lorry!

Lovely to catch up and chat, and lovely hack the three of us. C has such lovely hacking. Lots of lovely open sandy tracks :-) Remi feeling stronger and fitter to canter, and was able to stay up and not not leaning on my hand for longer. Braved some down hill cantering behind without falling over. Not sure C notices the downhill. :biglaughA:

Remi still looking big :-)

Remi was brave to canter in front, on new ground, past lots of things to look at. He is a lot more balanced and easier to keep uphill in front. He was also good to wander off and play in a puddle by himself whilst the others had a gallop. I can feel he isn't fit enough yet, as the cantering had tired him. And I am not sure about really galloping him yet. He wasn't that tired after a break, and had another couple of canters. He does get tired of carrying himself if canter too far and it isn't uphill. He gets down on his shoulders / leans on my contact, and I struggle to get him up. And I don't trust him to drop the contact and kick - not to fall over. But it is improving - and I think is a strength issue. He feels fitter already than a week ago. :biggrin:

Was such a lovely day for a road trip, and the first time Remi has been off the yard for quite a while. Came home and hand grazed the verges for a bit, with Remi still pleased with himself!

Hmmm maybe he is a big horse? 

Will see how he schools monday, as to whether benefits from doing more aerobic work or whether the traveling and the work takes it out of him. Hopefully he will feel fab, like he did the day after cantering on gallops. Fingers crossed.

Am starting to think about doing EGB pleasure rides with him this summer. :biggrin: :biggrin: He has taken a long while to get his oomph back out hacking, and to not feel like brain is willing but body isn't. But I think he will soon be fit enough for short rides.

I need to be careful as he isn't as balanced as he should be especially when tired - there is a bit of brain / feet disconnect. I think this will improve in next few months. I can feel the balance in canter is improving every time I hack.

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