Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fab ponies and angst

Wednesday 27th March

Normal day at work, and 7pm lesson after work. 

Raced to yard. Mac and Remi standing with heads over the gate. Grabbed them in. Both great to catch, lead together, and tie Mac up and pop Remi in stable with is tea with minerals, and equissage on under rugs. Wouldnt guess Mac and Remi only met on Monday!!

Raced to tack Mac up. First time in new arena, and under floodlights for lesson :-). Lots for him to get used to but he was very good. Occasionally a bit worried / over awed. Lots going on and lots to see and on different levels. But mostly very good. Good lesson. So very pleased with him. First evening lesson of the year.

Mac in stable with his tea and minerals, and equissage under rugs. 

Remi out to lunge. He wasnt keen. He was really stiff and short stepping and reluctant on both reins. Much worse than when lunged at Rockley / on Monday. No one clear foot, looked unhappy on all feet. Hard to keep trotting. Slow walking back down to yard. Treated his feet for thrush just in case. Slow and hesitant picking his way over gravel tracks back to his field. I had no choice but to put out as late at night, and I have two horses, one field and one stable at the moment.

I was thinking SWEAR WORDS - footy due to reacting to grass. Panic!

Saw yard owner doing lates, who said if he needed to come in Thursday, would organise an over night companion for Mac in field, and was all doable.

Was thinking good ponies I have. Good to come in and take turns at eating dinner and being equissaged, Mac good first time in school in dark for lesson. Remi lunged. Both good to go back out together in dark. Field is a good five minute walk down a footpath in pitch black. I then have to unlock a gate, and undo two strips of electric to put them out. 

Love them both.

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