Friday, 29 March 2013

Slow motion video

Louise has kindly slowed the footage we took of Remi at Rockley the weekend we collected him.All comments welcomed.

Remi gymnastics 23/03/2013. Some tantrum about the freezing wind chill and they he was thinking it was tea time. Can also see tightness in left shoulder

Remi walk 23/03/2013

Remi lunge 23/03/2013

He is interesting. To me he looks better on right rein. Left rein is unlevel in front. I see right and left front shortness. Mainly left fore.

My understanding of what Nic says is that slowed down, the left fore lands heel first, and is looking good, the right fore lands toe first and rotates and is still not right. She believes his right foot needs to change and improve, and that his left shoulder is restricted and needs body work, and cycles of body work, and roadwork may progressively get him landing correctly on both front feet and thus looking level. 

He is marching out happily out hacking so he is clearly fairly happy with his feet :-)

Am now hopefully that his feet and balance and movement continue to improve.

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