Saturday, 30 March 2013

Remi muscle and weight photos 28th March

I have taken these as a record for comparison a month later of his weight and muscle development and posture.

He was 553kg on weigh tape the morning he left Rockley 24/03/2013. He was the same 36 hours later despite over 5 hours on the lorry, and being turning out in freezing temperatures.

He has actually gone up about 20kg in four days and is now about 570kg. The weight tape under measures as he is really over 600kg, was 617kg the last time I actually weighed him on scales, but weight tape is good for tracking changes.

Given it is spring he doesnt need to put on any more weight, and I will be monitoring him carefully. Though Remi has a nasty habit of dropping weight very easily.

Giant overgrown Exmoor pony perhaps :-)

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