Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lots achieved

Remi and Mac in from field. Mac still easy to catch (which is always good). Remi seemed to be walking okay in from field. Parked Mac in stable with breakfast, and walked Remi, who seemed okay. Not too bad at all. Huge relief.

Parked Remi in Louise's stable, with breakfast (doubled his MgO to 100ml). Mac was eating haylage not breakfast with minerals, so I took haynet out of stable. Came back later, and naughty horse had kicked a hole in his three day old bucket! Think someone had a temper tantrum!!

E came to treat Remi. Watched Remi on lunge. Not bending left, and on left rein ribs to left, but shoulders and quarters to the right. Stiff through back, and fairly stilted.

Nowhere near as short and reluctant as Wednesday night, and looked like movement patterns and body usage, not footyness. So I was generally thrilled :-)

Videod him on lunge and trotting up in straight line.

Lots of treatment for Remi, mainly I think releasing left shoulder and tight hamstrings. I have walk raise pole, and sideways over poles homework to do.

Lunged him again, and the difference was transformational. Foward, more use of back and body, freer, more active. Very pleased. There is video coming that should show the difference.

Vet came to take bloods for Remi to check he hasnt got PPID. Results on thursday. I dont think he will have it. But good to makes sure re grass sensitivity. 

E as quick look at Mac. His back and trunk good, but tight at base for neck / check / in front. Oddly tight there. More to look at next time.

E and I for lunch at Skim pub :-)

Back to yard, tacked up ponies via the piccadily circus yard had become. Of for an hour walk hack round Remi's route. It took us 1hr 2 minutes, and was 5.34km at an average speed of  5.1km. Not sure how we achieved a max speed of 9.4km when we didnt go out of walk. Remi strode out keenly, ears pricked. Definitely not footy. [Clearly Remi just wanted to give me a heart attack yesterday and cause a sleepless night]. Remi mostly leaving Mac in his wake, apart from the few times when Remi needed to hide behind Mac from scary things. Remi was mostly very brave. He was also happy and enjoying his hack :-) Mac I think is missing his hind shoes, and didnt walk out as fast as Remi.

Ponies back in stables, and untacked. Now waiting for saddler to check both saddles. He turns up having accidently been to Mac's yard. We arent there any more. I am sure I told him about yard change when booked in. He forgives us after a cup of tea. He thinks Remi's saddle is a tiny bit wide, but within tolerable limits as long as he doesnt loose weight or muscle.

As he has put on 20kg in four days according to my weight tape, I dont think he is going to be dropping weight soon!

I tacked up Remi to ride him in school for saddler to check fit. Big moment for me as I havent sat on Remi in school for about 9 months. Feels a bit strange, but he is striding out. Trot on left rein, saddler cant seem much wrong with him. I can straighten him a bit under saddle. On right rein there is big shift like all falls way on right hand side, I can shift weight to left, and get him a bit straighter. But more is for another day.  Saddler happy with saddle fit. Says unless big weight changes he will be fine for next 3-6 months with saddle.

Mac's saddle also fine. Should do him next 3-6 months, unless balloon on grass. I said not planning on anyone eating that much grass.

Ponies back out. They are like old hands, lead in one hand, lead together swap in and out of stables / tying up etc. They are so nice together. My bay pair of ponies :-)

Dont know what to make about the footyiness wednesday, will watch weight and footyiness and take each day as it comes.

Day off for Remi tomorrow. Mac hacking and on gallops with old school friend :-)

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