Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fun and frolics

I let Remi and Mac in the big summer field for a short time today to reacquaint with main herd.

I am hoping to sometimes turn Remi out in main field with a muzzle for short periods.

They cant stay in this field as grass is too much for them! Huge amounts of grass in a lovely 5 acre field with other two nice horses :-)

 Remi had lots of fun exploring and showing off, as did Mac.


What long grass!! 

Mac looking lovely :-) 

 Bay boys exploring :-)

Beautiful boy :-)

Best of friends in a five acre field 

 Remi :-) :-)

Best bay boys :-) 

 Gorgeous boy :-)

Showing how long the grass is! Mac was hurdling the grass and nettles for fun (missed that on camera).

Love him :-)

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