Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Remi work update

Remi work update

Tuesday - hacked with new sharer. He was fab. Did longest hack to date of 1.5 hours.

Wednesday off

Thursday hacked again.

Friday quick lunge and schooled. He felt good. Making progress. Ran through Elementary 43 (as doing it with Mac). Remi loved this - funny horse - thought he was so clever. We did kind of hack round - he slowed for leg yields and broke in harder counter canter. But wasn't a bad try :-) :-) Bless him.

Friday night moved to new paddock 

Saturday evening lunged in Pessoa. Starts bit stiff left (quite common) but moved really well once warmed up and Pessoa attached. Left rein more up hill. Right rein tending to be quite on shoulders - did loads of transitions on lunge. He is really responsive. Took Pessoa off and he trotted round stretching to floor on both reins. Looking good.

Had slight pulse in left fore. Query increase in grass. Nothing in right fore. Noticed vertical cracks in hoof walls increasing. Covered feet in Red Horse hoof paste - made me feel better :-) 

Sunday sharer rode him in school for 30 minutes and enjoyed riding him :-) Then we hacked both horses for fairly slow 1.5 hours. Remi bit footier on stones but okay on soft / Tarmac. Not unexpected with new paddock. Think careful regular work will help.

Put some NT dry in deep crevices at side of frogs. 

Monday off. 

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