Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Remi ridden video 1st June

Lots of shocking things to see with my riding. Tipping forward, fiddling with my hands, and dropping and fixing my hands, to name a few. Remi is a bit disorganised and quite big moving, and brings out all my bad habits.

All that aside, these videos show ridden progress, and he looks fairly sound in them.

Left rein - was long the worse rein on the lunge, and before started rehab work, is currently the "better rein".

Right rein - this rein is a bit of struggle. He likes to rush off with a pronounced "S" bend through his body. It is about 5th session he has been back in ridden school work. 3rd time he has cantered under saddle in school. Right hind that is stiff / shorter or right hip that is stiffer. This is in contrast to being left hind 1/10th short for last few years. I think is it caused by crookedness and the fact that he tends to being quite quarters in right. Given he was left hind shorter a month ago, I think right hind will normalise again in next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Lots of tidying up to do. Comments and observations welcomed.

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