Friday, 14 June 2013

Remi second lesson

Remi second lesson in the wind and rain Wednesday night.About 10th ride in school since back in work.

He was very good and tried very hard. Still lots of basics to work on, but am really pleased with his progress. We are working on rhythm, flexion and crookedness. I want his neck longer and lower without him disconnecting, falling through shoulder or ducking the contact. It is coming and there.

I think both reins have improved. But left still better rein. My riding faults still horrify but that is the value of video. Generally I am pleased with his progress, still lots of basics to work on.

The deviation on his front foot is splitting but showing no signs of breaking off.


As for Mac – the less said about him on Wednesday night the better. He tried very hard too, but to be as unhelpful as possible. He did NOT think he should work or cooperate in the wind and rain. (Despite having lived out since November). Grrr

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