Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cheeky Remi :-)

Remi is turning into a cheeky monkey. And me giggling ineffectually at him, isn't helping :biglaughA:

He has started dragging me in the direction of his dinner, and barging into stable. I had serious words with him and he is better now. He has been a non greedy, non-plussed by food horse for the last four years, so this is quite amusing. His lack of appetite has been past cause of much angst. But I am breeding a monster - as he thinks he needs lots of food on tap!! Plus I am going to need a bigger girth soon - he has been 28 inches for years!!

And I have found a sack of Baileys fibre nuggets as treats that Remi would do almost anything for.
He came in a few days ago - and I put Mac in his stable, and fed him. And tacked Remi up to hack. He was so CROSS :biglaughA:. He reckoned he came in for breakfast, not hacking!  I told him if he didnt behave out hacking - there would be no breakfast or dinner. Plus there were treats in my pocket! He grumbled and then said, right let's hack quickly as then he can have breakfast. Skippety Skip! Love him.

He is very bright eyed. And he thinks he knows were we will canter out hacking. I am breeding a monster that skips along, picking where were canter! :biglaughA:

He was then adamant he wanted to go out, in the wind and rain. So out they went. Then he was rather less impressed.

Coming in tonight - he was at the gate, and Mac was at the top of the hill. Mac wanted tea in the field, Remi wanted in stable. As field slippery, Remi wins. Had to take Remi half way to yard before Mac came zooming down the hill.

Tied up them up together to pick feed out. And Remi kept biting Mac, hard. Naughty - he would not dare do that loose in field.

Remi was also observed playing with the horses in the next door field - and rearing up over the fence. Explains why I then had to fix the fence.

Mac is cheeky too - despite having adlib, very nice haylage in his feeder. He opened a small bale that he could reach, with his teeth in about 15 minutes! :biglaughA: And then ran away when I came to see what he was doing.

Both of them have too much character!!

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