Sunday, 26 January 2014

Remi 13th bodywork session post Rockley

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Remi notes 30th November ‘13

Lunge session:

Remi looked really well – his coat was gleaming and his weight was good. He looked free moving and sound on the lunge but really strung out. His hind legs were not stepping through as well as they can do and his left hind looked to be twisting in as it landed more than usual.

Remi had fallen over while out hacking recently and landed on his right side. There were no obvious external injuries apart from a couple of scrapes – one of which was upper neck so query whether he banged his head?

Palpation and massage: 
Remi palpated sore right shoulder, behind left shoulder and latissimus dorsi – the shock of the fall may have exited there – left gluteals were very tender, some tension in hamstrings. His back felt really good.

He responded well to massage and Physiopod and all areas released off well.

2nd lunge session post massage

He looked much more connected and half the length of the pre-massage lunge. He was more freely forward and stepping under better behind.

As you have been!

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