Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Remi lesson Monday 20th January

Lesson Monday - 6.30am!

Position comments

In canter – stop gripping with leg, and light quick inside leg aids to keep the jump (I find this hard)
Sit on pockets rather than bum out behind me
Sit over to the left, and drop left hip, and left leg
Don't rock with shoulders

Remi comments

Trot when warming up– slow it down, then push him on – variation in the pace.
Later said lots of trot to canter or walk to canter transitions will really help him
She had me flexing his neck to inside and outside in trot and canter to soften him 
He was initially a bit sticky in early trot and canter. But later canter I was able to ride him a lot more on and back without him breaking.
Is getting him connected, and together and using himself, it is coming.
Am sure have forgotten something.

Summary from instructor - he is sound, but very weak, and needs to be a lot stronger. He is clever and can quite easily displace me for the easiest way of going.

Was a good lesson.  Remi was very pleased with himself, and the work we finished on was pleasing. :wub:.

I am hoping steady, gentle work in next 6-8 weeks, and he will stay sound, and build muscle and strength (to then be less injury and accident prone). All crossed.

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