Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Remi update

I have got a bit behind with updates.

Remi started to struggle in the relentless wind and rain, and get tired and sore. Whilst the hill drains nicely, it does take 24 hours to drain, and the rain was almost never ending. Remi then started to get mudfever. So we managed a yard re-jig (roof still not fixed), and Remi and Mac came in to their stables at night for a break. Remi had some bute, some stretching work on a good surface, lots of Equissage massage, and was very pleased for the rest. He came in tired, and sore, but quickly threw off the mud fever, and has bounced back.

Not sure what has got into Remi, but since coming in at night, he has been eating, and eating, and eating. He has also decided he LIKES his stable, rather than in early December - when he didn’t like it and wanted to be back out, and didn’t settle in stable. For a not normally very food focused horse, that needs more bulk, greedy is great. :-) He didn’t come in thin, but he was tight and sore. But he has put on a few inches more weight since being in and having significantly more copra / linseed / beet / alfa a (without Mac getting extra). I would like him a bit heavier, as I think need some bulk to then convert to muscle with work. Him liking his stable makes life easier in terms of bringing him in.

The logistics of two stabled horses, working in Central London, mucking out and riding both have kept me very busy. And very grateful to those who stepped in to help. Both horses have stayed in regular, structured work through holidays, wind, and rain, but it has been hard going at times from my point of view.

Remi then unfortunately and seems to be random - slipped right over on the road, whilst hacking, the weekend before last. Cuts to neck and hock, but he walked away sound, and hasn’t shown any sign of doing it again. <fingers crossed> My foot jammed in stirrup (realised too late that new Ariat riding trainers are too big for stirrups - now have NEW STIRRUPS!) and took a while to wrench free.

He had body work this Saturday. He was moving on lunge a bit strung out with some screwing of left hind. After treatment (tight shoulder and quarters possibly from falling over) he was moving much better looked much more connected, with left hind more normal. He is looking pretty good, back, loins and movement wise, but he is weak and needs to build up and be stronger.

After 12 nights in, I put both horses back out on Sunday, intention is they stay out nearly full time as field has dried up and isn't slippery. Has turned generally colder, but dry and sunny, long may it stay like this. Remi is coming in on quite a few days as Mac is doing lots of outing gearing up for Regionals, and I don’t leave one out alone in field. My current plan is to bring Remi in when it rains for more than 12 hours so he doesn’t brace on the slippery hill and get tired or risk slipping.  And to bring him in regularly for a break, and to eat more. Now he is settled enough in stable, and greedy, he can have feed in stable every time I bring both in, whilst I ride Mac or do jobs.

Stables roof is now fixed, and normal access to my stables is restored.

I had a 6am lesson on Remi on Monday. Was good and helpful - Remi v pleased with himself. He is looking good, moving well, and has the most weight and muscle over his back / loins / SI that he has had since August, so fingers crossed he is on an upwards trajectory, and we can carefully build him to be stronger.

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