Monday, 5 August 2013

4 months post Rockley

Has been a tough four months. A steep learning curve, and discovering how much work and hassle horses in paddocks are! And how up and down Remi can be.

Remi is sounder and fitter and with stronger feet, so progress has been in the right direction. Lots of ups and downs, and Remi is still very much a rehab horse who is very sensitive and small things tip him into not being right.

On the plus side we have the green light to build towards increasing his work, galloping and more intensive school work. On the downside there is still a lot of asymmetry to address. We think it is a question of getting him to move straighter under saddle to encourage him to grow supportive hoof that is straighter. Think we are moving in the right direction.

We are planning to try and alternate work on gallops one week with going up Reigate Hill next week. Have plans for Remi’s sharer to take him to do some Novice dressage in late August. Remi likes doing dressage :-)

There is a line of new hoof growing down, which is currently 3.6cm down. We think this is the growth of stronger feet that he really needs. There is a Rockley event line that has nearly grown out, but I think it is the new event line that is going to be better again for him.

Mac interestingly has an event line about half way down his feet which we think is from when he went on to balanced minerals. Mac feet have grown lots and his heels have massively beefed up in his Eponas and farrier is very pleased with him.

On the plus side, now grass has died down, Remi has been fine out of the paddock and in the main field for last few weeks. Long may it continue. We are watching for footiness and pulses, and keeping paddock on standby.  

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