Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ponies diet plan

Currently feeding

300gms dry copra (2.5 mugs)
240gms micronized linseed (2 mugs)
250gms speedibeet (2.5 mugs)

Zinc, copper, selenium to forage analysis
30gms lysine (estimate from protein analysis)
4g biotin
15 ml salt
30gms calcinated magnesium
30ml brewers yeast
10g MSM
10g glucosamine HCl
35ml spearmint (shaken with minerals to mask taste)
50ml porridge oats (shaken with minerals to mask taste)

I have cut down salt, CalMag and stopped calcium carbonate as hadstopped eating more than half their feeds recently. I upped salt in v hotweather, and they were fine in heat, but now don't want as much I think. Grassseems fairly subdued, and it is cooler.

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