Sunday, 11 August 2013

Glorious misty morning gallops

Lesson last night for both horses who were fab. My riding needs a lot of work, but Mac is really going nicely when I stay straight and upright and ride him straight. Remi looking generally fab and enjoying himself with sharer, K. Have persuaded her to try his favourite Elem test and a Novice test in their first outing together.    

Pnies had a lovely mutual scratching session after (once I had found Remi). K left him in new stable with chain across and dinner in his manger, whilst I had my lesson. I went to show him standing in new stable to L and he wasn't there. We assumed sharer had turned him back out. Then spotted Remi in someone else's stable (they were skipping out round him). They had no idea why he was in there, and didnt seem bothered. He was standing snoozing, looking very at home. We assumed sharer put him in wrong stable, but checed and she hadn't. Most surreal. I assume he undid chain (somehow) as wasnt broken, and put himself in an empty stable he has been in before, and the stable owner then put chain across the stable??

Oddly Mac who historically doesnt like being stabled much seems to love new stable and be very smug to stand in it. Remi seems far less impressed and has already tried to swap to a different stable!

Lovely sunny misty morning on the gallops. Glorious morning. 

Ponies in field first thing

Ponies were very good once we had convinced them they could brave going past the Pony Club campsite at top of gallops with tents and washing!

Nice forward trot and canter work. Did three laps. Some steady galloping too. Lovely cantering side by side. Mac not that keen to gallop flat out, apart from one scoot off and demonstration of speed. Did lots of brisk fittening work. Both showed some fabulous lengthened trot and canter strides. Both very well behaved ponies. Was generally lovely.

I did very very nearly fall off though. Had booked gallops exclusively. But unexpectedly met a livery coming towards us when we were fast cantering round a corner, and I was slow to spot her. Tried for an emergency stop to avoid hitting her. Mac skidded to a halt, to avoid hitting her, and I very nearly went straight over the front. I went up in the air and thought was heading for floor and came back down still on Mac who was now standing stockstill. Remi was on the outside, and behind and stopped a bit more sensibly. WhyI didn't think to swing wide and go round her I don't know – was too fast.

Did point out to livery I had booked it exclusively, but as we had neither crashed into her or fallen off, I guess it was okay. We were in the galloping direction and she was in the slow direction and on the inside of the bend. We did actually stop with a margin not to be likely to hit her (Mac likes personal space).

Both ponies barely blowing / sweating despite three laps of mostly forward trot / canter / slow gallop so that is good they are both quite fit. Remi is always slow to get fit, but I think we are getting there with him. Both were well mannered too.

Remi seems good with his feet at the moment. Touch wood – he is not favouring verge coming in from field, seems okay over most stones. Fingers crossed. Hope stays this way.

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