Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Remi rather reluctantly paddling

On Sunday we hacked up Reigate Hill - big steep hill locally, goes up and up and is quite a stony track in places and v steep and stony down.

Finally thought Remi was fit enough and feet strong enough. He powered up and up and up hill. We traversed top and came back down.

He struggled on the shallow stony downhill bit, I got off for steep stony bit and he did really well (better than Mac in shoes who skidded quite a bit).

Remi quite tired but perked up when back on soft sand for a nice canter.

Feet looking shorter once home but in a good way.

Pleased this is another milestone for us. And best of all he wasnt foot sore next day :-)

He does have some weird flaking and “frondy” bits on his frogs though and some smell. Which is a bit worrying! Am going to try putting NT Dry on  feet regularly.

Remi and Mac early morning. Mac is the one flat out with Remi watching over him.

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