Thursday, 29 August 2013

Remi - Coombes EGB

First Endurance ride with Remi in a very long time. Organisers said was a barefoot friendly ride. So have been building Remi up for 17.5km South Downs ride near coast on Bank Holiday Monday.

Was disappointed with how much of route was gravel and v hard stony tracks. Not much fun for either horse. And definitely not barefoot friendly. However glorious views, lovely sunny day, both horses beautifully behaved. Lovely to have both horses on same ride. Lots of friendly people. Lovely venue, lots of parking. Nice bacon and sausage sandwich :-)

Remi found mostly long grass verges to stick to, but mostly not safe enough to trot.

A lot of riders were slow too. Mac has done about 10 endurance rides to date and most have been better going.

Remi loved the downs grass bits and had some lovely trots, canters and gallops. Great fun.

Had to squeeze past on a track the largest tractor harvesting vehicle have ever seen. Was nearly twice as tall and wide as normal, and three times as long. There wasn’t much room. Mac was brave to squeeze between it and the hedge! Remi followed.

Just shame so much was hard and stony. We were slow, but not as slow as might have been considering the number of gates (no gate allowance) and the distance we walked.

Remi seemed okay feet wise. And was generally happy to be out. He enjoyed showing K how much fun endurance rides are :-)

Long journey each way though. I was exhausted. He did tuck up a bit and didn't drink until home. Two days off and some extra dinners and he seems to be bouncing back 

If Remi seems fine over next week, we are hopefully aiming for another ride end September (and I know the going on this one).

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