Thursday, 22 August 2013

Getting fitter

We are getting Remi fit for a 17.5km Endurance / Pleasure ride on Bank Holiday Monday. Remi has done a fair bit of low level Endurance rides, but never barefoot and not for several years.

Last night was our third time up Reigate Hill. (A very long steep climb up and then down a stony hill that is fantastic for building fitness.) Ride involves lots of roadwork on quiet roads, a long steep climb up and down, and some nice canter spots. We had a lovely fast canter across a field. Remi was offering to canter up bits of the hill. He still finds the stones hard going, and opts for the verges.

He got attacked by a vicious bramble and has a huge welt across his shoulder from it :-( I wondered what upset him, and didn’t find it til we got back.

He has got faster and faster downhill.

I have been braver, and last two times have ridden him down the steep stony, sliding part. Strange horse now powerwalks down sliding from one foot to the next. Seems to work for him! Leaving Mac behind him in his wake.

Not sure what the fast walking down hill is about. Last time I rode him he was slower down hill than on flat! Form of laziness? He can slip slide down the hill?

His feet didn’t look much changed after last night's stony hill hack. Which is good, as the previous time, about ten days ago, he came home with visibly shorter feet (thought that might have been what he needed).

Last night's hack was 11.5km, and a massive hill, and fairly stony. So hopefully 17.5km on mainly good grass going, on the flat will be easy.

Am planning to rest his feet between now and Monday. Day off today, light hack Friday, schooling on rubber over the weekend.

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