Monday, 1 July 2013

All Go - Lots Done :-)

 Friday – Remi was unlevel left fore and didn’t get worked. Nothing to see. Bang / bruise / strain? Unsure?

Saturday - Windsor EGB for Mac. Mac was lively to put it mildly, it was a bit too exciting. Glorious day, great going. It was either hot and muggy or hot and sunny. I was shattered by the time we got back. Cold hosed Mac. Lunged Remi who looked much better and more crooked than lame. Cold hosed Remi. Cleared lorry out. Poo picked field. Massive sun headache. Dashed home for bath and house tidy. Friend round for Chinese takeaway, general catch up, and girls night in.

Sunday - slept in. Slow to get going. V slow to wake up. Ponies in for bodywork with Elaine. Mac okay and didnt need treating. He thought he missed out though. Remi was rather crooked and tight through shoulder on lunge. Released off well, and improved a bit on lunge, but not as good as previously seen him move. Remi loved the treatment was less convinced about the merits of lunging in the hot sun. Elaine happy for him to do lesson late afternoon, focused on straightening and aligning him. Remi had lesson 4pm with sharer.

Before lesson we poo picked, cleaned trough topped up water bins, cleared poo back down to muck heap, moved fence back to extend paddock and give a fresh strip of grass and went to pub for quick Pimms :-)

Back to cold hose Remi and quickly tack him up for lesson. Remi got better and better through lesson, and instructor thought best seen him move. Instructor suggested Remi had spent afternoon processing his bodywork.

After more tiding up, hay down to field. We cleared ragwort from new field strip, cleared grass off outside electric fence (big job), changed energiser batteries, moved energiser (dug hole in hard ground for earth), cleared out hay containers of skanky hay. Scrubbed feed buckets and cleaned out feed tyres, fed ponies.

Home to ice lolly, pizza, cold beer and bath. This morning had a lovely early morning hack, both ponies on good from and glorious early morning sunshine.

Planning a lorry trip out for hacking in different surrounds for both horses Saturday. :-)

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