Friday, 12 July 2013

Remi update

Remi update

Remi is generally good.

We did a short hack Sunday and he was a bit footy, which I think was a combination of the ground going hard so quickly and doing a longer hack Thursday and Saturday.

Monday evening he was still footy outside the school. Inside the school he was good, and we had a good lesson together.

Tuesday his sharer rode him and he was good in the school and they are building a partnership.

He had Wednesday off and his sharer schooled him Thursday. He has stopped being footy walking to and from the field. We hacked both this morning, and Remi was a little footy on stones again. But looking amazing trotting on grass – power trotting through long grass! Really picking up behind.

I think that the ground is much harder and he is self trimming in field, and probably doesn’t need to do much hacking at the moment. Will see what trimmer says on Monday. His feet do look fairly short. We have shelved plans for a long hack tomorrow, and will go for a shorter, softer ground hack. The laminitis app is back in the red as of this morning too, though I think this is secondary.

On the plus side, he is continuing to build up from the school work.

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