Monday, 22 July 2013


I had grass and haylage sugars tested on last wednesday . After about 2.5 weeks of constant sunshine and no rain. Grass looks like hay in the fields.


Haylage 10% sugar
grass 9% sugar

Interesting as grass in same field was 11.5 % sugar in February. I imagine it was 15-25% in spring / early summer flush.

This does fit with how other horses on yard are fine unmuzzled at the moment. And how my horses strongly prefer the haylage over all grass, even fresh grass when I move fence.



Not much point feeding haylage!

Remi was pretty good to hack on Friday morning, much happier on stones and rough bits. He was good in lesson saturday, and got a report as good as has been from instructor and Elaine.

No logic to why he was footy for about 10 days and now isnt. Nothing has changed, if anything grass should be more stressed. No logic. But he is not footy and happy again.

I have decided to try both in main field overnight, from saturday night. It is v dry and has been topped. Is about 5 acres, with three other horses who have been living out in it for a while. Is part of the same field my paddock is in, and part of the grass I did sugar testing on.

Will see how they go.

Would mean less poo picking, water bucketing, and haylage carting, if Remi can manage in big field for a bit. Is is also so much nicer for them in a large, interesting space with others, and with lots of shade.

No pulses sunday or monday morning, and walking up track from field as normal (can see if footy). But he normally takes 3 days to react, and a week to recover. So all crossed for him staying okay. 

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