Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Remi 7th bodywork session post Rockley

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Remi notes 20th July 2013

Lunge session:

Pre massage assessment – Remi had been footsore earlier in the week.

On the lunge he looked as good as he ever has pre-massage. Barely falling to left shoulder , upright and relatively straight by comparison. No sign of being footsore.


Remi had been ridden in a lesson earlier that morning and had gone well in the lesson too – suspect lesson also loosened him and straightened him up.


Palpation and massage:


Palpation showed nothing out of the ordinary – some tension in left shoulder, base of neck (serratus v.c.) and tightness in glutes both sides but nothing unexpected in a working horse.


We didn’t lunge a second time but he walked out happily to the field.




What ever you are doing is working – keep at it!

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