Saturday, 6 July 2013

Remi bodywork 6th session post Rockley
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Remi notes 30th June 2013

Lunge session:

Pre massage assessment – Remi had been lame on Friday – stiff but sounder on Saturday and today he presented stiff, leaning on his left shoulder – his default crookedness - and stepping short in front, especially left fore.
He was braced through his body and generally lacking in enthusiasm to go forward.

Palpation and massage: (see diagram)

Palpation showed soreness in left shoulder, especially deltoid which was very tight and rope-like, right base of neck (serratus and subclavius), tight through withers.

He released off well during massage.

2nd lunge session post massage

Moving better – less braced and leaning but not as much improvement as expected.

Pip had lesson booked for her sharer later and we decided it was a good idea for Remi to do some straightening work etc. with her instructor.

Pip later reported instructor had seen gradual improvement throughout the lesson and ended up with him moving the best she had seen – so it was a good decision to go ahead.


Massage booked for 20th July.

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