Monday, 22 July 2013

Good weekend

Saturday - lesson with Mac 8.30am. Mac feeling well.

Remi lesson with sharer. Back on form. Looking good. Instructor said best seen him move. Said free-est seen through shoulders. Ran through N22 (shared hoping to take him to do some unaff dressage late august). Remi loved practising a test - he puffed himself up and showed off (flying changes in counter canter not required :biglaughA:

Is lovely watching sharer ride him. They are good together.

Elaine to do body work. Remi looked okay on lunge. And didnt have too much to treat. Said was as good as has seen him. He has clearly bounced back!! Still not sure what was the issue / what has changed. :scratchchin:

Mac was good to treat. Said his back and muscles good. Mac is a happy pony and loving life at the moment.

I have let both horses them out into main field (the one paddock is in). It has been topped and is pretty dry and dusty. With three other horses they know. Fingers crossed Remi doesnt go footy. 


Sunday  - Friston Endurance ride with Mac near Eastbourne


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