Monday, 8 July 2013

Longer hacks

We have been slowly upping Remi's workload. We have been generally doing longer routes and doing them a bit faster. Though the harder ground does limit speed in places.

On thursday evening he did a long hack, nearly twice as long as normal, with lots of trotting. I was very pleased that he was looking spritely the next morning in the school with my sharer. Some nice swing in his trot and canter, and he looked happy.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early. Boxed both ponies to local hacking - Godstone sandtracks early this morning -  it was blissfull

Glorious hack. Remi led most of the way and Mac practiced his manners at trotting and cantering behind. Was early enough to be sunny but not too hot. Mac was bouncy with the odd leap and bounce but was mostly very good. We did let him lead a little in the second lap, then took Remi past him in canter, and he coped. Long ride for Remi - 11km at 8km an hour. Was mostly walking or cantering as stony tracks / roads and sand canter tracks. :banana:

Was lovely to take both ponies out, and they are so lovely together.

Had to borrow water of the nice people opposite car park (is a residential centre). As it was a line in the water container, not water! Ponies sponged off. And back home. Fairly hot now. Ponies came off lorry sweating. I put stuff away whilst sharer bathed both ponies and combed out both tails :inlove:

Ponies in field, with fly rugs and spray. We moved fencing back again, cleared long grass off fence, cleaned out and filled waters, took hay up, fed ponies, did all poo picking, and collected all poo to take down to muck heap.

By 1.15pm all jobs done and lorry loaded for EGB ride tomorrow. And we were in the pub, having Pimms and lunch!

I have been upping and upping the size of the paddock whilst upping Remi's workload. So far so good, no sign of grass problems or weight problems. Have started moving fence back twice a week. Am keeping a sharp eye. Am hoping now he is fitter and stronger and doing more, he can cope with more grass. Will see. I would like to get paddock up the hill and to the shade, but this is still a long way off.

At the moment they still get as much haylage as they can eat (normally 2 large bale slices a day). And they are still eating this. But it is a challenge as the bales are not keeping as long in this warmer weather.

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