Wednesday, 9 October 2013

All go

Bought a nearly new pair of Old Mac G2's on eBay for £45 and some pads to go in them. Fab!! Very lucky timing.

Delivery £5 and arriving Thursday! Fingers crossed he can squeeze into size 9's. Size 10's look big. Fascinating, as on paper his wide foot is too wide for the biggest Old Mac G2s. Dont plan to rely on hoof boots, but will be useful as back up when he comes in from field footy, as current priority will be keeping is SI area strong and muscled. Amazed how easy they are to put on / stay on / canter on wet grass etc. Same model of Old Mac G2's on a different horse 5 years ago and I struggled and struggled!
Hopefully the impact of higher sugar haylage will wear off by weekend and he will be less footy. Seems okay, but still sensitive this morning.

Remi and I hacked by headtorch Tuesday and wednesday morning. Remi was good and felt bright. Vet said to hack all this week, and go in school at weekend.

Hay, haylage x 2 and grass analysis sent off.

Have finished the soaked haylage (have some to uneaten to clear from field). And onto lower sugar haylage.

Both horses have slight thrush which seems to be clearing up .

Have started painting legs with pig oil and sulphur for winter, once a week, for mud fever protection.

Currently light weight rugs at night, fly masks and naked in day. But forecast to be colder from wed, so have dug out medium weight rugs too. Matching Premier Equine red for both boys.

The irrepressible Mac modelling his red PE rug last winter!


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