Thursday, 24 October 2013

Remi update

Remi update

He is so - so. Not a bad weight, but could have more weight and muscle. He seems to enjoy hacking. But he isn't quite right behind- out behind and lacking power . . .

I had good lesson on Remi Monday night – he is weak through his back end, but he tried really hard. Lots of walk lateral work (leg yield convert to half pass convert to leg yield and shoulder in to quarters out to shoulders out to quarters in) and then got him stepping under more for a much better canter. He was every so pleased with himself afterwards. <Love him>.

 Having moved him to an indoor stable (where he seemed much better) and dug out two beds to achieve this, he was spectacularly adamant that he didn’t want to be stabled on Wednesday morning. I brought him in out of the rain whilst rode Mac and did jobs, and he decided he wanted to be back out NOW and was very impatient about it. Was still fidgety when Elaine treated him. Looking very bright eyed, and cheeky. Hmmmm

He improved with treatment - came up behind saddle area - looked less flat and strung out. Though still lack of push / step from his hind legs. And I think we are possibly treating the symptoms, and there is an underlying cause :-( We are following vet directions too.

He isn't unhappy on lunge / ridden and he does tell you if he isn't. He isn’t lame. But isn’t coming through behind, especially left hind.  There is a real lack of power behind. Video to follow. I am thinking SI /suspensories / stifle. Vet said to keep him in work, and will come and assess on Tuesday. 

My biggest worry is what is going on with Remi, and what the long and short term solutions are? I won't treat / rehab again if primary problem is suspensories / stifle. And I don't know what the metabolic issue is that upset his feet. Or why he doesn’t want to be stabled (never used to be an issue).

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