Monday, 7 October 2013

Remi update post vet

Vet came Thursday and said dropped weight and muscle. Sore over back and sacroiliac.
Front feet thin soled, reactive to hoof testers, and soft soled. I was surprised as was unreactive to hoof testers the week before. Was quite footy too.
Didn’t look too bad on lunge in school, but a bit of hip waggle behind. Vet agreed slip in field possible.
Vet did physio on SI and back. Said few days off, quiet hacking, and then take back in school next weekend and see how he feels. Said should consider putting front shoes on to rule out compensating from foot pain as contributing to other issues.
Did some talking to people, thinking and digging, and discovered that the most recent batch of haylage (Remi started 19th September adlib) is very high sugar (awaiting analysis results). So may be cause of soft, sore feet.
Have been soaking last of it to lower sugar, and have had a lower sugar bale delivered (awaiting analysis results). I am having grass, local hay, and both types of haylage analysed (sugar, protein, DE). So will see. Don’t think grass is an issue as have recent growth, but they aren’t that fussed about eating it, and were mad for the "sugary" haylage.
I have also borrowed hoof boots (hugely appreciated!) to do the post physio hacking in. And they have been huge success, so will try and buy some second hand ones. Borrowing massively helpful as on paper with his measurements nothing will fit but Old Mac G2s size 10 fit, and I think 9 would too. They are clearly a bit flexible.
Am going to get farrier to hoof test on Thursday, when hopefully will be less reactive after being off high sugar haylage for 5 days.
I am also treating thrushy frogs which have crept in with Redhorse - clay / hoof paste and athletes foot powder. Which may be contributing to the footiness.
He is looking a better weight, and he hacked out nicely in hoof boots yesterday evening.
I don’t want him staying in hoof boots, but I need him working and comfortable, and to built his SI muscle back up. So we will strive for a balance. I don’t have non much access to non stony hacking.
So fingers crossed he is back on the up after a rocky period. Watching him and Mac have a mad five minutes round the field in dusk last night, they dont look too bad :-)

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