Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Satisfying Sunday

Barrowed soaked haylage to ponies.

Large breakfast for Remi.

Remi rug off in sunshine

E  brought a sweating Mac in, and hosed him off before taking him on a long pub / hill hack. He clearly wasn’t too hot / tired across grass at top of hill! They had lots of fun.

She then bathed him and equissaged him :-)

I sorted new haylage, and bagged up 5 days worth for field

Skipped stables out, changed haylage and water

Some tidying up and sorting out

Hung rock salt licks

Swept and cleaned lorry borrowed Saturday

Made 30 days worth of bagged feeds (wont last that long as double up at times)

Remi in, equissaged, shampooed legs (runny behind, and on legs / heels) and tried Old Mac G2s on him. Size 10's good, 7's no where near. Think might get away with 9's.

Nice sunny evening hack with L. He loosened up as went round, and seemed to like boots

Sorted out getting 1/4 tonne of wood pellets as part of shared order

Back to field and picked feet out and packed with Redhorse clay / hoof paste.

Pig oiled legs x 8

Weight taped both - Mac 550 (down 10kgs) Remi 540 (same -looks much fatter though)

They had a mad five minutes running about field in the dusk!

Put rugs on

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