Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Remi update

Shoes on and cushings blood test Friday 8th. Haylage analysis and none is over 8% sugar.

Hacked Saturday, and he was a bit stiff and generally short striding, but cheerful and got more forward on second half of ride.

Tuesday hacked out and was feeling very bright and a bit cheeky. Still a bit strung out behind.

Emily trying to catch Mac Tuesday night – and Remi was playing lots of high jinks, galloping and bucking in the field.

Wednesday schooled Remi. Was bright and perky. Walk felt good, as did the lateral work warm up. Trot and canter disappointing. Not lame per say. But nothing coming from behind. Hind legs out behind him. Leaning on contact or disconnecting. Little power behind. Happy enough.

Hacked Thursday and was good and happy, but still strung out.

Vet phoned - cushings result 22 when over 47 is a concern. Feels further testing is a waste of time. Unsure.

Spoke to him about lack of power behind. He said to up the work and give him longer.

Schooled Remi again Friday morning. Not naughty. Not lazy. But nothing coming through from behind. I could drive him together at times, and bits were okay. Not lame. He looks weak behind. Is not unhappy.

He hacked over the weekend, and seems better. I have booked lesson on him for Monday night, to see what instructor thinks, and to get help in trying to connect him better.

E can come and do bodywork Wednesday morning, which will be great – another pair of eyes on how he is compared to his normal, and a chance to treat anything muscular that might be affecting him before vet comes.

Have booked vet for early the week after next to come back and reassess. He is heaps brighter now, but it now looks possible there is something going on in muscles of hindquarters / SI / hind suspensories or similar.

Yard owner has v kindly offered to lend me an indoor stable for the winter, which means I can bring him in if want to / need to / to eat. As he wasn’t settling or eating in his stable round the back. 

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