Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bodywork - 4th session post Rockley and musings

Body work update

Elaine came over Saturday 11th to treat Remi. He started off looking pretty good on lunge, but bit tight through neck. After treatment he looked better still. Some bit of irregularity, but generally he has a longer stride and was looking pretty good on lunge.

I lunged to warm up and schooled Sunday morning. Remi was powering off with a massive walk and trot. Making him quite hard to organise. He is rather wobbly and lacks strength, and he is a big horse with lots of movement. It does strike me that we are going to end up with a huge horse with a huge amount of movement which is rather daunting! Was a good schooling session and played with some shallow leg yield and shoulder for in walk. And trying to keep basic balance in trot.

Must do more schooling. I find it quite challenging – mentally, physically and emotionally. I worry about doing the wrong thing. I worry about asking too much of him. I worry about having my hopes and dreams invested in schooling him. Also he is a big moving, big horse that is weak and very crooked so he is challenging to organise. My life is running very busy at the moment, and I have been prioritising hacking, but planning to increase schooling. My back has been very sore recently – mixture of lugging large amounts of haylage, and Remi being crooked to hack, and general stress I think. Physio treatment only helps for a short time. Hopefully Remi getting straighter will help.
Definitely finding 2 large horses paddocked a struggle. In terms of poo picking, transporting 60 lbs of haylage to field, access not easy, field not that close, bucketing water, changing rugs / fly rugs / fly mask, feeding, foot care, working them, commuting and working in London. Add to that lots of minor yard and routine crises and it is proving hard work.

Am starting to look for someone to help feed and exercise one or both horses a few times a week.

Monday L came to look at his feet. Felt they are improving, but the front feet heels are still weak and need to bulk up but will take time. Landings were judged to be heel first behind and flat in front. She did a small tidy up, which did make them look a lot prettier in my eyes. Landings remained same but said I should look at them in a few days to see if better / worse / same, as a guide to how he felt about trim. L has adjusted mineral analysis for me – as changed to a diet of almost entirely haylage. I have repeated the grass analysis, as was so off scale for iron and a few other things. Has come back mostly similar. I have bought more lysine, and selenium and calcium for the first time.

Tuesday hacked Remi. Overslept so did a shorter route round Reigate Heath. First time Remi has been that way in over a year. And first time I have truly varied our hacking route since he came home. He was a bit google eyed but was very good :-)

Wednesday day off

Thursday hacked with Rachel. Both horses felt good. unfortunately had to completely move paddock as become poached in recent heavy rain. Rachel kindly helped move it, it meant more winter field grass. So will have to cross fingers it isn't too much. 

Friday  morning hacked just Remi who again felt good. So okay on moved paddock so far.

Have booked Remi in for 30 minute lesson next weekend! 

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