Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Saturday 11th May - body work report

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Remi notes 11th May 2013

Lunge session:

Pre massage assessment –This was the best I have seen Remi move pre-massage. He was free moving, still braced in neck region but back muscles were moving, as were muscles over the quarters. Even left rein he was more upright and less inclined to lean over left shoulder.

Palpation and massage: (see diagram)

Straighter through spine, still asymmetrical shoulder development but he has mostly been hacking – schooling should see more equal development – see photo attached taken post massage.

On palpation, no major areas of concern. As still braced through neck on lunge, elected to work mostly on cervical region and quarters. His back was much better. Very responsive to massage of biceps  femoris: origin.

A big improvement overall.

 2nd lunge session post massage

Most obvious improvement on left rein. Moving more freely forward and more balanced.


To continue as before!

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